Manali BhangdiaManali Bhangdia
17:29 28 Jul 22
Rashmi is extremely polite and understands the student’s queries patiently. She is very well informed and is very observant about every detail. One can rely on her for their future educational pursuit definitely.
Pranay NagdevePranay Nagdeve
10:29 27 Jul 22
She is very good in interacting with the student and trying to understand the mindset of both the student and parents.She guides the right path to be pursued and also makes sure that she is open to any questions in future.
Parth RenwaParth Renwa
11:22 05 Apr 22
I had a preconceived notion about career counsellors, and most of those were broken by Rashmi Ma'am. To be honest, she knows her work, she helps you grow, and she does her homework.
Prerna SahaniPrerna Sahani
09:34 31 Jan 22
It made me clear which stream to choose