About our director

“Try try until you succeed” –
One motto that I have religiously followed to attain and test the best of my abilities.
To be brief, I am a person of dreams and various aspirations. I want to attain it all and slowly and steadily I am getting there.
To the farthest of my remembrance, I wanted to learn and explore in the field of education, fashion, religion, culture and more. Majored in Fashion and Luxury Brand Management from Instituto Marangoni London, I have been a part of multiple jobs and internships in various industries, from fashion to hospitality during my 4-year period abroad.
I am a hard-working individual and a social person who loves to meet people from different cultures and learn something new from them and in return share my own set of attained knowledge. Helping people and sharing my knowledge to their benefit has always made me feel good about myself. After persistent appreciation informally I decided to dig the subject deeper, thus got trained professionally and received a certification to officially help and counsel patrons in finding the right career choice.
I have an experience of over three years in counselling students to understand their interests and guiding them to the right path. I believe forwarding my knowledge will in-turn benefit the society and the future of our country, which remains the ultimate goal.